August 17, 2014

I love this kid

August 09, 2014

5 Year Adoption Reunion and a Family Visit

We left for a 8 day trip to meet up with some of the families we went to China with,  and for a family visit in Kansas. Long delayed flights and even longer car rides made for a tired girl!
on our way to Branson, Mo

Mary & Jadyn 

Max, Lila & Jadyn. Little China buddies (all the kids were adopted the same day)
August 3, 2014 marked our 5 year anniversary of adopting our sweet girl. It was so good see the families we went to China with and how much their little ones have grown.
craft time

and lots of swim time

at a Chinese acrobat show

9 ladies, 4 bikes!

so pretty

a few of the bike riders

at Table Rock Dam with our great friends

Jeron enjoying some go-cart time!

Our dinner Chef, Bob. Who we learned, was adopted as well.
                  After 4 days in Branson, Mo we drove to Kansas to spend time with family.
our sweet 94 yr. old Grandpa Z.

they both loved their time together

At the Zoo. our girl was HOT

her favorite exhibit, the fluffy lil owl.

he looks so cranky!

I mentioned we had long car rides, right?

July 17, 2014

Braces x5

Yes, this is the 5th child I have had in braces. Thank goodness they are separated by years and years! 
Except for Jeron, who's still got his on, for a few more weeks. 
Jadyn needs her palate expanded, so her teeth won't hit. She has to wear an ugly contraption at night while she sleeps. This should correct her bite in about 12 weeks.  She's thrilled about the 4 pink braces on the front teeth! 

July 10, 2014

Another Martial Artist

Jadyn decided she would like to take Tae-Kwon-Do classes like her brother Jeron.
She had to memorize the "Student Creed" by her 7th class, then recite it to the class and instructor. Once that is done you get your first belt. She nailed it! 
Proud of this kid! 

First day

She's a white belt!

side kick

Getting her first belt

Bowing to her instructor

June 30, 2014

The joys of being a girl!

Getting your nails done with Mom! 

June 12, 2014

Good-bye First grade...

Last day of 1st. grade. 6-12-2014
She had a great year of learning. She is a school loving girl!

First day of 1st grade. 8-2013
(yes she does have the same pink shoes on, my girl hasn't grown much this year. I have a feeling she's going to be small, she is only in the 10th percentile on growth charts.) 

May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

I was served breakfast in bed and given sweet gifts made by my 2 youngest. Jadyn had to sing in a Mother's Day service for her Chinese language school. The chalk note on the driveway wishes me a Happy Mother's Day and birthday. 

April 08, 2014

Spring Break= Disneyland!

Her first trip to Disneyland 2 years old

We spent Spring Break in California at Disneyland.
We all had a great time. The weather was great, the crowds weren't bad, We were able to ride all the rides we wanted and then some.
We spent 4 days there and logged 35 hours in the park.
Jadyn loved it, she defiantly felt the Disney magic!

Kisses from Minnie

Take out Chinese food!

On the Pier in California Adventure

Merry Go Round fun

Donald hugs

day 2

day 1

TinkerBell's Pixie Hollow

This giant granite ball floated on water, the kids were able to spin it in any direction.

March 27, 2014

Happy Mom

She loves school and it shows! 

March 16, 2014

Seven Years Old!

Jadyn celebrated her birthday at one of her favorite places, Polka Dot Pottery. You get to paint a piece of pottery and then its fired and you get it back in a week. The girls had a great time painting their choice of  dog or cat.
Jadyn had 10 friends come, it was a fun time.

Rainbow Dash -My Little Pony has been a favorite for a couple years now
Ready for her guests to arrive
Painting pottery
 "gift opening huddle"

Her long awaited ipod

I begged her to take 1 bite- she hates cake!

Our beautiful 7 year old